Lesson 12 Daily Routines

Inuktitut (Latin) to English
Lesson Points:
535 Plays


  1. Time to wake up:
  2. Wake up!: (add !)
  3. Time to eat:
  4. I am eating:
  5. Time to brush teeth:
  6. I am brushing my teeth:
  7. Time to get dressed:
  8. Get dressed!:
  9. Time to get to work:
  10. I am going to work:
  11. Go to school!:
  12. He/She is going to school:
  13. I am cooking:
  14. I am working:
  15. He/She is going to sleep:
  16. Go to sleep:
  17. I need to go to work now:
  18. Do you need to cook now?: (add ?)
  19. What time do you need to go to school?:
  20. Did you brush your teeth?: