Kumaarjuk Pii Inuit Meditation

Lesson Points:
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  1. Here is a meditation that involves visualization and breathing developed by Kumaarjuk Pii, an elder in Cape Dorset.
  2. Try this with your eyes closed, or while focusing on the images of the land.
  3. See in your mind that you are at your house. You are leaving your house. You are leaving your house carrying nothing. You are walking towards the shore.
  4. You can hear the stream running. What you are hearing is comforting to listen to. As you walk toward the shore, all you hear is the stream.
  5. As you get to the shore, you come across a large boulder and you sit on top of it. The boulder that you sit on is warm from the sun shining on it. As you are sitting on the boulder, you are looking around you.
  6. You can hear the birds singing, and they are making everything around you beautiful.
  7. Start walking up the same path towards home. Feel the warmth of the shining sun on you face. Hear the same flowing of the stream. Still you are walking on the same path.