Earth Diver: The Blackfoot Creation Story

This story is part of the Blackfoot oral tradition.

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Lesson Points:
2119 Plays


  1. Long time ago, water covered our entire world.
  2. Napi, the Creator, wanted to know what was going on below all that water.
  3. Napi sent Duck, Otter, and Badger to see, but they all came up with nothing.
  4. Finally, Muskrat dove beneath the water. She was down a very long time.
  5. Muskrat returned with a ball of mud in her paws.
  6. From this ball of mud, Napi moulded hills, valleys, and mountains.
  7. Napi created grooves in the earth for rivers and lakes.
  8. The first people were moulded from this earth.
  9. Napi taught man and woman how to hunt and how to live.
  10. Once Napi felt the work was complete, Napi climbed up to a mountain peak and disappeared.