Raven's Tale: The Haida Creation Story

This story is from the Haida oral tradition.

Lesson Points:
2914 Plays


  1. Long ago, there were no divisions between humans, animals, and spirits.
  2. All things of the earth, sky, and water were connected. All beings could pass freely between them.
  3. Raven was a trickster, full of supernatural power.
  4. Raven stole the sun from his grandfather and made the moon and stars from it.
  5. lakes and rivers, and filled the land with trees.
  6. Raven divided night and day, then pulled the tides into a rhythm.
  7. Raven filled the streams with fresh water, and scattered the eggs of salmon and trout.
  8. Raven placed animals in the forest.
  9. The first humans were hiding in a giant clamshell.
  10. Raven released them onto the beaches and gave humans fire.
  11. Then Raven disappeared, and took with him the power that human beings had to communicate with the spirit world.