For First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Communities

A new tool for language revitalization.

Yodigo offers Aboriginal language and English instruction in one easy-to-use tool that engages learners and fosters community participation and empowerment.

Yodigo is effective for promoting indigenous and English literacy for:

  • First Nations communities on-reserve

    Yodigo builds community well-being and maintains cultural continuity as part of your language preservation and revitalization strategy.
  • Friendship centres, social service agencies, cultural agencies and urban Aboriginal organizations

    Yodigo fosters parental and community engagement, promoting cross-generational collaboration and preserving traditional knowledge.
  • Elementary schools in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities

    Yodigo engages learners with different learning styles, allowing you to create lessons that preserve oral stories and relate to local and regional cultural norms.
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students in off-reserve and provincially funded schools

    Yodigo promotes a sense of achievement among learners, building identity and self-esteem by allowing learners to create lessons that can be infused into the provincial curriculum.

Why Yodigo?

Yodigo encourages cross-generational collaboration with elders and knowledge keepers, allowing First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities to set their own goals for language preservation and revitalization strategies. Because learners use their own stories to create lessons, Yodigo contextualizes language learning in local and regional cultural norms. Lessons can be integrated into the provincial curriculum, into existing language learning programs and projects, and into the services provided by Aboriginal cultural and social service organizations.

Yodigo is user friendly for both learners and educators, and allows educators to track each user’s progress. Yodigo’s unique platform gives learners the ability to build language skills in both Aboriginal languages and English, preserving the skills of mother tongue speakers and building skills for second-language students.

Yodigo Meets Your Needs

For the community, school, or organization that needs to…

  • preserve an Aboriginal mother tongue
  • build skills in an Aboriginal language as a second language
  • archive oral stories and significant moments in individual, community, and cultural history
  • honour the knowledge of elders and knowledge keepers
  • meet the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children, youth, and adult learners
  • increase the use of technology in teaching and learning