A unique web-based application
that turns literacy on its head.

With Yodigo, anyone can create entertaining lessons with rich multimedia content in any language.

Yodigo is an ideal application for indigenous languages, English language learners in under-resourced settings, home schooling, and anyone who wants to make literacy into a fun experience for learners.

Sign up now to try our free lessons! Then create your own lessons with you, your students, your family, and your community as the stars!

The Total Package

Yodigo provides free lessons, ways to easily create your own lessons, and the ability to grade student responses. Students work at their own pace, and sessions can last for minutes or hours. Because students are involved in lesson creation, they are instantly engaged, and lessons are relevant to their learning community. Teachers can then devote their full attention to the students who need it most.

Enticing Students, on Tight Budgets

Yodigo works by engaging students. Yodigo provides a steady stream of multimedia entertainment and feedback that leads to real learning, and a sense of success. Because it is an app-based service, Yodigo is also cost effective. Yodigo can be accessed by any broadband-enabled computer or deployed to a local area network at a very low cost per learner.

Will Yodigo Work for my Setting?

Yodigo is based on the following assumptions about your setting:

  • Your budget is small
  • You need to meet a variety of learning styles
  • Instruction time is at a premium
  • Students do not have a supportive environment in which to do homework
  • The school has access to computers/devices with a modern web browser

What Languages Does Yodigo Support?

Yodigo lessons can be created in any language, with any script. Lessons are currently available in a range of languages, and it's easy to create new lessons! Sign up to find out how.

What Instructor Training is Required to Use Yodigo?

Yodigo is extremely simple to use, and does not require any maintenance or set-up by the teacher. Teachers can easily get comfortable with Yodigo in a day.

What Age or Grade Level is Yodigo for?

Yodigo works for learners of all ages, grade levels, and literacy and basic skills levels.